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Building regulations & Standards for HVP companies


Course Building regulations & Standards for HVP companies (plumbers) - in English.
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On behalf of Säker Vatten AB, we also hold this course in English for those employees who do not master Swedish but who work in plumbing companies that are or intend to become authorized in Safe Water Installation. For more information about the authorization itself, please refer to the lovely colleagues at Säker Vatten. See the requirements and find contact information via this link:  Requirements

To become an authorized HVP company Säker Vatten AB requires that at least one employee of your company has been approved in this course.
The course gives you the background of the industry regulations in Safe Water Installation and the requirements of the Swedish building regulations & standards.

Course program/content
Introduction & background
Requirement level in Sweden and EU
Planning and building act, PBL
Building regulations, BBR, ch 1-9 (focus on HVP)
Consumer services act (Konsumenttjänstlagen) - some parts
environment - some parts
Knowledge test

Kursens mål

The aim of the course is to increase the knowledge of the Swedish building regulations & standards and to understand the background of the industry regulations, Säker Vatteninstallation. To create increased commitment and understanding to truly comply with industry rules. And finally to be able to authorize the company in Säker Vatteninstallation.


A company authorized according to Säker Vatten must have at least one employee with documented knowledge of the Swedish Planning and Building Act and the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, beyond an approved course in Säker Vatteninstallation.
The purpose of this course is for that person.



Basic knowledge as a plumbing fitter, apprentice or supervisor.

The course ends with a written knowledge test.

Bring approved ID (eg driving license).

It is not permitted to bring an interpreter to the course, or any use of translating application/program.

The teacher has the right to evict interpreters from the course.


Efter kursen

See also the course in Industry regulations "Säker Vatteninstallation" for HVP companies (plumbers) - in English.



1 dag, 10:00 - 19:00


Deltagaravgift 5 500 SEK exkl moms
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